Classroom Tour

2016-2017 Classroom
This year I decided to take my jungle themed classroom to a new direction. When I seen the new Woodland Friends line from Creative Teaching Press, I just knew that had to my new theme! Everything from this line is so cute, and it just makes my heart smile looking at those cute little woodland friends. Since I was changing my theme, I decided it would be a great time to paint my room. I love the new color, and it matches everything perfectly!

Up first on the tour, is my classroom library! I love how this little area turned out! I hang reading focus posters for the week on the bulletin board and use the large pencil pocket chart for our Guiding Readers reading activities. The computers are used for Accelerated Reader. Students can read a book and then hop on a computer to take a test. 
Library Book Bins are from Target Dollar Spot
Fox Rug is from Wal-Mart
Stools are from IKEA
Library Book Bin labels are from Missing Tooth Grins
Woodland Friends Border is from Creative Teaching Press
Reading Strategy Posters from Wild about Firsties

Next up, is my math focus wall. This is wear you will find all things math.... standards, calendar, days of school, clock, shapes, and more!
Woodland Friends Autumn Leaves Border from Creative Teaching Press
Strategies for Math Poster is from Really Good Stuff
Days in School is from Wild about Firsties
Go Math Focus Posters
Apple Felt Calendar from Target Dollar Spot
Pacon Fadeless Paper
Mini Shape Posters are from Cara Carroll
Painted Palette Numbers 0-30 Mini Bulletin Board from Creative Teaching Press
Bean Bags from Old Time Pottery

Next up, is my rug and Smartboard area. This is where a lot of teaching takes place. We love sitting on the rug! I'm trying hard to take good care of it and make it last as many years as possible... so I have a no shoes on the rug policy! :)
Rug from Lakeshore Learning

I love my little writing area! I store the writing papers in the large library pockets below the bulletin board. Students can choose what they want to write and then grab the corresponding paper. I love those library pockets so much!! They hold regular sized paper perfectly! Next door to the board is an area to display work and my Bubble Gum Words display.
Mammut Table is from IKEA
Mammut Stools are from IKEA (my mom made the cute little cushions.. I love them!)
Woodland Friends Extra Large Library Pockets from Creative Teaching Press
Woodland Friends Magnetic Decor Strips from Creative Teaching Press (I used this to jazz up my magnetic white board chart stand) 
Woodland Friends Toadstools Border from Creative Teaching Press
Writing Station Cards from Deedee Wills
Woodland Friends Peek-Overs Bulletin Board from Creative Teaching Press

I group my students in groups of four. Each group is a different color and I have color coordinated them. I have found that it makes things so much easier to color coordinate my groups! And I like the colors! :) The cubbies against the wall are where the students put their backpacks, coats, and lunch boxes. The extra spaces are I use to store teacher books and materials. I collect Kohl's Cares books and stuffed animals and you can find some of my collection hanging out on top.
Chair Pockets are from Seat Sack
Book Shelves are from Wal-Mart
Plastic Paper Bins from Target Dollar Spot
Caddies from Oriental Trading
Burlap Alphabet from Wild About Firsties

small group area

clip chart by me! :)

My students learn "Bubble Gum Words" (the Fry words) and earn bubble gum along the way! Each list is color coordinated, and as students master a sheet they earn a piece of bubble gum and then move on to the next sheet. Each student has a gum ball machine and as they master a sheet they color in a gum ball.

Center station where all of the station tubs and Kindles are stored. Next door is the listening station. Students sit in the scoop rockers when they are at the listening station. At the bottom of the shelf in the tubs I store the listening station books & CD's in a ziplock bag. I put corresponding recording sheets inside the ziplock bag with the book. It's hard to see, but near the door is my birthday display.
Listening Station from Lakeshore Learning
Scoop Rockers from Wal-Mart
Woodland Friends Pup Tents Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press
Woodland Friends Student Incentive Charts from Creative Teaching Press

Several years ago, I started doing a student of the week. This student is featured in the hallway with a an all about me poster and they are the line leader and special helper for the whole week. We also do other things throughout the week to make him/her feel extra special. This summer when I decided to change my theme I racked my brain trying to think of what to call it. And one day it hit me...Camper of the Week! :) Me a couple of my teacher friends worked on this one day this summer and I'm in love with how it turned out. I hang the poster on the door of the camper. The picture was taken before a hitch was added. So just imagine it with a hitch! ;)
Welcome Felt Banner from Target Dollar Spot
Woodland Friends Toadstools Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press
Woodland Friends Jumbo 10" Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press
Chevron Uppercase 2" Letters (on sign) from Creative Teaching Press

Well sweet friends, I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my little classroom! I sure do love my little home away from home! :)

2015-2016 Classroom

First stop on the tour is my writing station area... I think it is my most favorite!

To save space I used these amazing extra large library pockets from CTP! They can pick a writing activity from the writing board and get the corresponding sheet from one of these pockets! I laminated the pockets so I could write on them with a dry erase marker. These pockets are awesome! They hold up to 50 sheets of paper. I attached them to the wall with velcro. I love that it is all together and doesn't take up a ton of space on a shelf. 
Word Wall

Bubble Gum Words-- you can read a post all about how this works here

This is my little corner of the room.

Reading Focus Board-- I display the poem of the week and the reading focus skills here each week. Below are books in the classroom library. There is also a bottom row of tubs with books that didn't make the pic. 
Listening Center-- students will use the scoop chairs when at the listening chairs.In the tubs are listening station packs. I have the book, CD, and corresponding recording sheet in a ziplock bag.
Another little view of the classroom library. Sorry for the bad lighting! I place featured books in the book shelf. Currently it's all back to school books. I should have taken a pic of the entire library area. But maybe you get an idea of what it looks like. :)

Math Focus Board-- I add standards to this as we cover them. Currently we are focusing on addition and counting so they all aren't up there just yet.
Meeting area... We love carpet time! This is where a lot of our learning takes place. Behind it you can see the smart board, my teacher cart with laptop, flexcam, markers, flash cards, etc. and to the right of the teacher cart it's hard to see but it is the shelf with our center tubs and the Kindle Fire tablets.

Each group has a book shelf beside their group. This is where they place their SAFARI Books, journals, earbuds/headphones, etc. I started this last year and loved how it worked out!

Here is my small group table. The shelves behind have manipulatives and extra classroom supplies stored on it. And up top are some of my Kohls Cares friends hanging out.
Cubbies.. Student's put their lunchboxes, backpacks, and gym shoes in a cubbie. I use the extras to store books and classroom materials. My Kohls Cares friends are hanging out up top! :)
Clip Chart
Classroom door

2014-2015 Classroom

This year I stayed with the jungle theme that I did last year, since it was the first year to do jungle.... but I spiced it up a bit with some lime and purple, and lots of  BW and Chevron collections from Creative Teaching PressCTP makes me one happy teacher...Love their stuff!! :)

Prepare for picture overload!

This is the view from the front classroom door.

I have grouped my kids in four groups of six this year since I have 24. I got black book shelves from Wal-Mart and added one to the front of each group. Students are store their SAFARI Books, journals, supplies, etc. in the shelves. I'm loving them! Sooo glad I decided to get them this year! I'm also loving the chair pockets I got this year from Seat Sack! I am trying something new this year.... I'm trying my best to check as much work as possible in class. After I check off their work they slip it into their seat sack and at the end of the day they remove the work and put it in the keep at home side of their SAFARI Books. So far it's working really great... and I'm loving not having so much to check at night! Students also put their personal clip charts in their seat sacks and will be putting some good fit books in their as well. 

Purple group- chair pockets are from Seat Sack

Orange group- Chair Pockets from Seat Sack
Desk Caddies from Oriental Trading
Red and Blue baskets from Dollar Tree
Orange Basket from Oriental Trading
Purple and Lime book boxes from Steps to Literacy {LOVE how roomy they are!!! if you don't have any get you some!} I plan to store interactive journals in these.

Trash Can- Dollar Tree and I added Chevron Solids 2" stickers to say "Trash."

Green Group- Chair Pockets from Seat Sack

Blue Group-- Chair Pockets from Seat Sack.

Math Focus Wall-- I really love how this area came together!! My favorite is the new chevron Fadeless paper! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! It matched my decor perfectly!! 

Like something you see from my Math Focus Wall? Below is where you can find these items from. :)

Fadeless Designs Chic Chevron Lime Bulletin Board Paper fromPacon
Black Bordette from Pacon
Grade 1 Math GNOMe Bulletin Board Management Set fromCreative Teaching Press
Numbers 1-120 Chart from Creative Teaching Press
5 Star Mathematician Poster from Creative Teaching Press
Scholastic Piggy Bank Money Pocket Chart from Amazon
Judy Instructor Clock from Amazon
Number and Shape Posters from Cara Carroll's Chevron Classroom Decor Bundle
Classroom Keepers Bookshelf from Pacon {I will be using this to feature theme books... right now it is filled with all things back to school!}
BW Calendar Set from Creative Teaching Press-- I took this pic before I added the month header and the calendar letters.
Deluxe Chart Stand from Teacher Direct
Bean Bag from Old Time Pottery
Math Focus Wall Header from Creative Teaching Press-- I usedBW Collection Chart Cards 6" Designer Cut-Outs and attachedBold Brights 4" Designer Letters
Palm Tree-- I made from bulletin board paper and I attached Monkey Student Incentive Charts from Creative Teaching Press

Reading focus wall and this area is also my reading nook and group meeting area. I LOVE how it turn out!!!

Like what you see? Below is where you can find these items. :)

Reading Focus Wall Header from Creative Teaching Press-- I used BW Collection Chart Cards 6" Designer Cut-Outs and attached Bold Brights 4" Designer Letters
BW Collection Chart Cards 10" Jumbo Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press--- I will add our weekly words, skills, etc. to the cards each week
Polka Dot Party Border from Creative Teaching Press
Leveled Reading Tubs from Dollar Tree
Stuffed Animals from Kohls
Chevron Rugs from Wal-Mart
Bean Bags from Old Time Pottery
Pom Poms from Hobby Lobby

Here is a closer look at my leveled reading tubs from the Dollar Tree. I attached Monkeys 6" Designer Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press to each tub and then I added Bold Brights Uppercase 2" Letters to each monkey for the guided reading level.

  Listening Center

I love how my door turned out!!! I made it with bulletin board paper and then attached soer me supcute accents from Creative Teaching Press.

Banana Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press
Monkey Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press
Chevron Solids 4" Letters from Creative Teaching Press

 A closer look at the palm tree... It hold incentive charts for Box Tops. Each time a student brings in a sheet of 10 Box Tops they get a sticker. When they fill up a row {5 stickers} they get a trip to the treasure box.

BW Happy Birthday Bulletin Board Set from Creative Teaching Press

I'm loving the Learning is Fun Pennant I made using Bold Brights 4" Designer Letters and the new 10" pennant banners in purpleand green from Creative Teaching Press

Inspire U Posters from Creative Teaching Press
Lime Green Chevron Border from Creative Teaching Press
BW Flowers 6" Designer Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press
Book Containers from Highlights teacher program

Back to School Hallway Bulletin Board for first day of school
Lime Green Chevron Border from Creative Teaching Press
Monkey Business Bulletin Board Set from Creative Teaching Press

Sight Word Super Stars Board-- I used Shining Stars Bulletin Board Set from Creative Teaching Press
Doodles and Dots Border from Creative Teaching Press
Numbers 0 to 30 Bulletin Board set from Creative Teaching Press

I snazzed up my candy reward box with some cute sprinkles stickers and border from Creative Teaching Press

This is a view of the front of the room. Since this pic was taken I got my projector mounted and there is a projector screen above the middle white board. I hope to get a fancy smartboard sometime before I retire! HA  The two side boards {white and black} will be used to house anchor charts. :)

Well I think that about does it....I hope you have enjoyed the snapshot tour of my little classroom! :)

2013-2014 Classroom

This summer I was working in my room and was so over all the stars! That same day when I went home I had aCarson Dellosa catalog in the mailbox and instantly fell in love with their new wild style. So I said good-bye to my stars and hello to a whole lotta zebra print! ha   Anyways, I have had these pics on my phone from the beginning of school (over a month ago..yikes!)..... I have changed/added a few things since taking the pics but these will have to do for now. :)

Wild about work display. This item was what sold me on a new theme! LOVE! :)

 My top banana display in hall.,. it's missing the top banana poster. You can read all about my top banana HERE


Sorry for the horrible pic above! Bad lighting in hallway..
This is the back to school bulletin board we made with the cute monkeys from my Swinging into a New Year {Back to School Activities Featuring Curious George} pack. Do you like the bulletin board? Will you pretty please vote for it HERE? :)


Cubby numbers from Creative Teaching Press {I love their monkey line!!!}. this year I decided to give everyone a number. I'm really liking it so far and it makes lining up sooooo much better/easier! 

Cubbies... this is where they keep their backpacks, gym shoes, coats, etc. Each student has their own cubby.

Compliment tree... I posted about this HERE.

Reading and Math Focus wall {ignore the bareness! ha} and writing board {from cupcake's writing center starter kit} below those boards are the computers for centers {when they decide they want to work! ha} our book boxes, and the listening center table

Roll/Lunch count..... I used this system last year and LOVED it! Hands down the easiest way that I've found to take attendance and do lunch count. Each morning I tell the students what the choices are. Then I call them by groups to go vote. They move their clip from absent ribbon over to the lunch of their choice or at the bottom if they brought it from home. Once everyone has voted I fill out the slip for the cafeteria ladies and then if anyone is left on absent I fill out absentee slip for those names.

Rules and box top charts. You can find the rules here for free! :)

Meeting area and behavior to roar about clip chart.... you can get the levels I used on the palm tree clip chart here!

2012-2013 Classroom

This year I had a rockstar/star theme.

Star Work Hangs Here display. I attached clothes pins to the stars. 

Rockin' Word Wall board and computers

Math Word Wall & Calendar 

This a view of the front of the room.

Cubbies on the left side of the room... I use them for storing books and teaching materials. Each student also has a cubby for their backpacks, coats, gym shoes, etc.

Morning Play List.. I made this last year.. but moved it to a new spot. This idea came from Abby at The Inspired Apple.

I got these cards for my clock from the sweet Amy Lemons.

Lunch count display. They move their clip and place on the ribbon of their lunch choice. I also use this for attendance. This is my first year doing it like this and I'm in love! It makes it so much easier!!! If you aren't already doing this, you must!

Happy Birthday display. I got this cute idea from Amy Lemons.

Rockin' Behavior clip chart. This idea came from Abby at The Inspired Apple. The morning sun faded my old one from last year so I made a new one this summer and found a new spot to hang it.

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