Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fun with Magic E!

We've been working our magic on CVC words recently in room 4! What kind of magic am I talking about?? Well the MAGIC E magic! We've been changing short vowels into long vowel sounds!

For this activity, I hand out some letter cards that make a word to students and have them come up to the front of the classroom. My special helper gets the job of being the magic e. To make the magic e a little more special I purchased a black cape and a light up wand at the Dollar Tree and a sparkly black top hat from Party City (It was in the 40th birthday section-I removed the 40 ha!). It's a super simple, yet fun way to add a fun little touch to this activity!

Students come up with their letters and all together sound out the word with each student helper holding up their leter card as their classmates say the sound. For example we had the letters p, l, a, n and made the word plan. We then said our magic word “alakazzam” and my magic e comes and takes the wand and works its magic on the vowel in the word (a) and just like that we now have plane. Amazing! We then sound out it out see what our new word is. My kids really love it!! Be sure to remind your kids that when they sound out the new word that although that letter “e” is now there it doesn’t have a sound. They ask every day are we going to do the magic e today!? 
I've also had this anchor chart on display to help remind us how the magic e works.
I've added this Magic E Anchor Charts Made Easy Kit to my tpt store

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Student of the Week

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! I wanted to stop by the blog today and share with you something I've been doing in my classroom for several years now that I LOVE and have found super effective in helping me manage things. 

Each week in my camping themed classroom I have a Camper of the Week. This special student is featured in the hallway on my large camper display for everyone to learn about. The Camper of the Week is my special helper and line leader for the entire week. So no changing or keeping track of daily leaders/helpers. If a job/task requires more than one helper then the Camper of the Week gets to pick a friend... and they love picking a friend! Lots of times they want to pick someone to help out even if it is a one man job. They love to spread the Camper of the Week love and duties around! HA

I've had a camping theme the last 3 years. This yellow camper is my new one I made for this year. They painted the hallways this summer, so I had to take down the old one.. and sadly it didn't make it through to see another year. RIP purple camper you were loved!

Here you can see how I display the poster on the camper. I got the posters from Oriental Trading. I send them home along with a note explaining the special week on the Thursday or Friday before their week as the Camper of the Week. This gives them the weekend to work on their poster. They bring it back on Monday and share with the class and then I laminate it and hang it out in the hallway for others to learn all about our special Camper. 

The Camper of the Week has the option of bringing in a special snack or treat to share with the class on Friday... and they love this! It's perfect if you can make it where that student's birthday is during that week because usually they want to send in birthday treats so this covers both of those in one lick! :)

Other things that having a student of the week can help do is with managing show in tell. Dedicate a certain day during your student of the week's week a day for show and tell. This way each student has the chance to do it, it's one day a week and your done.

Having a student of the week is also a great chance for students to lift that special student up with compliments and kind words. We all need those! I let students write special letters to the Camper of the Week and bind them together into a special little book... it makes a great little keepsake!

Don't have a camping theme but would love to implement this?? Well I've been busy adding new student of the week packs for other themes to my little tpt store. These packs include everything you need to get a student of the week going in your classroom... PLUS NO MORE CHANGING JOBS/LEADERS daily!! That was a game changer for me friends! Plus, I've included editable notes in these packs so you can tweak it and make it your own. 

I currently have the following themes: Camping, Jungle/Monkey..  PLUS Rock Star, Llama, Cactus, Circus, and Owl have been recently added!  CLICK HERE to check out all of the options currently available.

Don't see your theme but would love to implement this in your class?? I'd love to help! Shoot me a message and let me know what your theme is and I will get busy on it!

Have a great week!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Hidey! I wanted to stop by the blog tonight to share some data & graphing activities we did in room 4 this past spring and tell you about a new little pack that these activities are included in called 

Students were presented with a question of the day. I had some sports junkies this year.... so I thought I would start us out with "What's your favorite sport?"

I present the students with the question of the day. I supply each of my table groups with some choice cards and they pick their favorite and color it. We then it add to a large class graph. 

After everyone has cast their vote, we paired up with our math bud and did some turn & talk questions that we used our graph to answer. This is a great opportunity to hear their discussions and get an idea of who can correctly use the graph to answer the questions and who may need a little extra help. For the turn & talk questions, I laminate for durability and add a binder ring to the corner so it's easy for them to flip through the questions. Once I make these I can save them and re-use them from year to year! 

Lastly, we completed a craft. Whatever students voted for on the question of the day was the craft they made and then they filled out the graph based on how our classmates all voted.  I love how cute these crafts turn out!! 

The next day we did favorite ice cream flavor for the question of the day and this made us super hungry! :) Poor vanilla didn't get a single vote. Sad city!

Other question of the days included in this pack are favorite weather, fruit, and cookie. Each question of the day includes everything you need to make a large class graph, turn & talk questions, and a corresponding craft.

I also included a couple of graph the room activities that are perfect for a center/station.

You can check this out in my little tpt store! It's jam packed with lots of fun and engaging activities for your next data & graphing unit!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fox in Socks: Silly Sock Day!

Tuesday was a silly sock kinda day in first grade. We read Fox in Socks, wore silly socks, and worked with lots of rhyming words. Here is a peek at our day! 

I made a list of words before we read the book Fox in Socks. As we were reading, students tried to find words that word rhyme with the words on the list. They did a great job listening for those rhyming words!We did a little write the room activity to find rhyming words to match the words on their recording sheet.

This next activity, is one I got from the Mailbox a few years ago. I have each student a sock with a word on it. They had to find a classmate who had a word that rhymes with their word. We then shared our pairs of socks we made. The recording sheet is also from the Mailbox. 

Well friends, that’s all I’ve got for today! Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Sleep Book: Seuss Week Pajama Day 

Hi friends! This week we are celebrating Read Across America with lots of Dr. Seuss books. To kick off this week long event, on Monday we read The Sleep Book and wore our pajamas. It was a super comfy day, to say the least! :)

After we read the book, we did a little dreaming ourselves... we completed this super fun roll a silly dream writing activity and became authors!

Students took turns sharing their silly dream stories in the author chair! 

Click the pic below to grab this writing freebie in my little TpT store. :)

We also made a super simple, sleepy creature inspired by the book. This guy is just a paper plate colored yellow, a pom for a nose, and some construction paper for the hair and eyes. They turned out super cute! :)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy 100th Day! 

We celebrated the 100th day of school a couple weeks ago. This is always one of my most favorite days! It's jam packed with lots of fun, revolving around 100!
100th day mystery homework--- This is one of my favorite traditions. I send home these sheets with a paper sack and a directions page. Students are to fill the bag with 100 of something. And then write clues about their item. Each student takes turns getting up and giving us their clues and we try to guess what their mystery item is. Some items this year included toothpicks, marshmallows, dry beans, cotton balls, pennies and Captain Crunch. So fun!
Another fun tradition are these 100th day balloons. I hang balloons from the ceiling... but not just for decoration. I've put activities inside each balloon! Throughout the day, we pop the balloons and complete the activity inside. Some activities are skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's, 100 jumping jacks, 100 high fives, 100 second dance session, 100 leg lifts, and my all time personal fave is 100 SECONDS OF SILENCE!!!! PURE BLISS! HA!
Students come decked out in a 100th day of school shirt. Here are a few from this year. So cute!!
This year we added something new....100th day photo booth! I found these adorable props from Oriental Trading and just knew we had to do this! I think we enjoyed it more than the kids! So many laughs!
I also set up my 100th day stations and students took turn work through these with a partner. 

We ended our day with special 100th day cupcakes... These cupcakes are a tradition too and always a super, yummy hit! 

My 10th 100th day is in the books and as always it was the BEST day ever as my sweet firsties always like to put it!! Here's to many more 100th days to come! :)