Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Make Your Masterpiece! #tptsellerchallenge

Hey blog friends! I'm joining in on the #tptsellerchallenge for week 3 make your masterpiece! We had a week and half to complete this challenge. And I managed to get TWO masterpieces done! YAY!! 

My new Bubble Gum Words pack was inspired when I was trying to think of ways to get kids reading more fluently by incorporating the fry words into our classroom learning. I can't wait to implement Bubble Gum Words this upcoming year with my firsties. Bubble Gum Words is a Fry Words fluency building pack that is a fun way to get your students excited and motivated to learn the fry words aka "bubble gum words." And what kid doesn't love bubble gum?? Especially when we don't normally get to chew it! It will make learning those "bubble gum words" so much more fun and appealing!! :)  When I get my progress tracking display made in my room for this I will blog all about it and how I plan to use this pack in my classroom! :) So stay tuned for a detailed post!

My new Dinosaur Shenanigans pack was inspired last of the stories with our reading series is about Dinosaurs. I like for my stations and activities for the week to tie in with the reading story when possible. I started this pack last fall.. however I just didn't even put a good dent in getting it finished and then the story came and gone and I then just put the pack on the back burner. This seller challenge was the push I needed to get this pack finished and posted! Now when we get to that story I will have this ready to go! :)

You can snag Bubble Gum Words and Dinosaur Shenanigans for 50% off for the next several days! Leave me a comment here for a chance to win both packs! :) I will pick some winner{s} next week when I get back from the beach! Head over to my FB page for an extra chance to win! :)

I'm so sad I'm not in Vegas like so many of you are and I definitely have a bad case of FOMO going on!! BUT this girl IS headed to the BEACH tomorrow!! So I think I will feel tons better about all this Vegas business when my toes are in the sand tomorrow!! ;)

Be sure to visit these fabulous ladies to find out more about the challenges and check out all of the other tpt sellers who joined in for the #tptsellerchallenge! 

Sparkling in Second

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Help Us Be Non-Fiction Reading Gurus! {Scholastic News and a DEAL!!}

The past few years I have used Scholastic News in my classroom and love it! It is such a wonderful resource and I am able to cover so many standards by using it weekly.

One time while learning about penguins and verbs, we used a Scholastic News to hunt for verbs. Students highlighted all of the verbs as we read through the great article about penguins. 

We then made an anchor chart with some verbs we found from the Scholastic News and added a few extras as well.

Students then used the verbs to help them write all about Penguins!

Another way we used it this past year was finding the main idea and details. We used one about David Shannon to help us do this.

This is just a couple of the many ways that I have used Scholastic News in my classroom. 

Scholastic News is such a great resource to add more non-fiction reading into your classroom. I am working to add more non-fiction titles to my classroom library, but still don't have no where near would I would like to have. Scholastic News definitely helps us cover tons of standards and be non-fiction reading gurus! :) Plus it's great to use with our thematic units such as penguins, fire safety, plants, Dr. Seuss, etc. just to name a few!

I would love to use Scholastic News again this year with my firsties. I recently posted a new Donors Choose project for a subscription to Scholastic News and Science Spin for my firsties to use for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. I would thrilled to get it funded so we can start using this great resource right away at the beginning of the year.

I have until July 10th to get any donations MATCHED when using the code SPARK at checkout!!! Will you please help me??? For donating $10 to my Donors Choose project I will in turn GIVE you $25 worth of products{of your choice} from my tpt store. All you have to do is donate $10 and email me with your Donors Choose name that you donated under and include the names of the items from my tpt store that you would like! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!!?? If you would like to donate more I will honor that deal for every $10 you donate.... so if you donated $20 then you would get $50 worth of products from my tpt store and so on! :) Check out my project HERE if you would like to help us!! Don't forget to use the code SPARK at checkout!! 

Do you use Scholastic News in your classroom?? I would love to know how you use it! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wish List Wednesday! {Bushels of Fun with Apples}

Happy first day of July! Whew! It's already July!!!?? When did that happen?? This summer sure is flying by! I can't believe this time next month I will be getting everything ready for a new group of firsties. :)

Ok, so for today's agenda, I'm linking up with Jen from Teacher by the Beach for Wish List Wednesday! My second most wish listed item is my Bushels of fun With Apples pack! Apples and Johnny Appleseed is one of my most favorite themes to teach. There is so much you can do with this theme!

Here was the bulletin board we did last year with the cute Johnny Appleseed crafts. We also added some super cute Color Me Apple Cut-Outs from CTP.

This 108 page pack is full of centers, crafts, writing, and so much more! You can grab this pack on sale for the next few days at 50% off! With September right around this corner this pack would be a great addition to pick up on sale and add to your apple file! :)


Did you notice anything different around here??? This girl's little blog got a big ole makeover!! I LOVE how it turned out!! A HUGE thank you to Megan at A Bird In Hands Designs for the makeover. She is wonderful to work with and does a fabulous job! If your looking to give your blog a makeover too you should totally check her out!

Have a great Wednesday and first day of July!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Makeover Madness! #tptsellerchallenge

Hey sweet blog friends! I'm joining in on the fun with the #tptsellerchallenge!!

Week one's challenge is makeover madness! I decided to give my Fun with Community Helpers unit a makeover! It had been on my to-do list for sometime now and this challenge was just the push I needed to get it done! This was one of my very first units and it needed very much so to be made over! This little baby is sparkly and fresh with new fonts, graphics, borders, and content!! I added several new pages and activities in addition to updating what was already there. 

 For the next few day you can snatch this pack up on sale for 50% off!


I'm just now getting a chance to post my stats (not the best pic) to the little blog.. I hope to gain some new follower friends along the way! :)

Can't wait to find out what the next challenge is! 

Be sure to visit these fabulous ladies to get all the details of the upcoming challenges! 

Sparkling in Second

Well that's all I got for tonight...I'm off to finish watching Friends reruns on Nick at Nite. :)

Night, night! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wish List Wednesday! {How To Writing Pack}

Hey hey! I'm linking up with Jen from The Teacher at the Beach for Wish List Wednesday! Each week we will put our most wish listed item on sale! So be sure to visit Jen and check out her wish list item of the week and all of the others joining in on the fun! :)

First up is my MOST wish listed item.... my How To Writing Pack! I love how to writing! It's so fun to see how students think about the steps of how something should be done. I recently gave this pack a makeover with new borders, fonts, clip art, and more pages! This How To Writing Pack is filled with 43 how to writing sheets, 18 corresponding craftivities, 2 thinking maps (a how to brace map and a how to bubble map) and a mini How To Writing poster and there is also some examples and an explanation of how to use this pack.

You can snag this item up for 50% off now through Friday! :)

Here is an example of a past how to writing sheet and craftivity that is included in this pack! :) This is an old pic... so the writing page has been updated with new fonts and borders.. but it's the same concept and exact same craft! :)

I'm also joining in on the #tptsellerchallenge that is going on for the next four weeks! For the week one makeover madness challenge I'm currently working on updating my Fun With Community Helpers pack...I hope to have it done soon! I will be back to share all about that challenge and more soon!

Have a great day!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

CTP's BW Collection Meets Painted Palette Collection: Decor Ideas! {Plus a Giveaway!!!}

Happy Friday blog friends!! I am officially on summer break!! WHOO-HOO! And guess what!?? My mind has already been thinking about back to school and what I want to do with my classroom for the next school year! Which brings me to today's post....all about super cute classroom decor!

Now, let me just tell you how super, duper, can't even believe it, excited I am to team up with  Creative Teaching Press!!  Creative Teaching Press is my all time favorite place to get the absolute cutest teaching decor for my classroom. Their products make my teacher heart and my classroom happy! 

I am joining some of my blog friends today with a blog hop! Hop blog to blog to get some great decor ideas for your classroom and enter to win some FREE Creative Teaching Press goodies!!! Are you excited yet??

Ok, so let's get down to business, shall we...For the past couple of years I have done a jungle theme and decorated my classroom with the BW Collection from Creative Teaching Press. I love the BW Collection so much. The BW Collection is timeless and can be matched up great with any of your favorite colors. 

If you are like me and already have the BW Collection in your classroom, but are looking to add in some of the newest collections you are in luck! I am here today to share some ideas of how to update you have with some great new pieces.

Idea #1: Layer it!
Use the borders from the BW Collection that you already have and add in a few borders from the new Painted Palette Collection! Layer the two collections to make your bulletin boards pop with fun colors and designs!

Check out my favorite combos that I plan on using together to spice up my classroom with for Back to School 2015! :)

Idea #2: Organize It!
Get organized using your BW Collection pieces you already have and add in some new pieces from the all new Painted Palette Collection!

Organize your materials, supplies, manipulatives, books, etc. in tubs, baskets, and totes. Attach labels to the containers from Creative Teaching Press. Being organized, plus cute always makes everything better!

A brand spanking new item that will be available soon are BW Collection Library Pockets... and these are not your average library pockets! These are large enough to fit letter sized computer paper!! I can't wait to use these!!

The BW Collection Library Pockets will be great to add some "I'm finished, now what" work for early finishers! They are perfect because if you are like me and have limited space, these can be easily attached to a bulletin board, wall, front of your teacher desk, etc. for you to add some activities for earlier finishers and it takes up zero table or shelf space! 
These would also be great to store station recording sheets in! Write the number of the station on the outside of the pocket and students can get the recording sheet for their station from the corresponding pocket. 

Idea #3: Display It!
Display your class rules, schedule, class roster, birthdays, and more using a combo of charts from the BW Collection and the new Painted Palette Collection.

Would you like to win some of the Creative Teaching Press goodies I posted about?? Or maybe you have your eye on some other goodies! Well you are in luck! I am giving away $50 worth {your choice!} of products from Creative Teaching Press! Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

 Creative Teaching Press is proud to be celebrating 50 years of teachers helping teachers.  It was 50 years ago that a veteran school teacher named Luella Connelly got the idea to make her creative ideas for fun and effective teaching available to other teachers.  And with the success of her “Recipes for Creative Writing,” CTP was born!  Since then, generations of teachers have looked to our family-owned, teacher-managed company for the supplementary materials they need to help their students learn and make their classrooms a positive learning environment.

And guess what else?? My sweet friend Gladys at Teaching in High Heels is sharing all about the new Chalk It Up! and Painted Palette Collection on her fabulous blog! Hop over there now to check her post out and enter to win and other $50 worth of Creative Teaching Press products!

Teaching In High Heels

Have a fabulous Friday!! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Up! Up! And Away....

With the end of the year getting closer by the day, we made our last bulletin board project for the year last week. Just like that my students are up, up, and away... and off to 2nd grade when we return from summer break in August. Last week my firsties made hot air balloons and wrote all about 2nd grade... They wrote about what they hoped {or thought} they would learn, who they wanted as their new teacher, and the classmates they hoped they would have. I sure am going to miss these little boogers and so sad to see them go...but I am looking forward to a little break this summer to recharge my teacher battery! :)


If your looking for an end {or beginning to save for next year} of the year craftivity to do with your kiddos, you can check out my little pack here.

Happy Hump Day! :)